Sunday, 22 February 2015

00. The Cardboard Cartographer Lauch date; March 8th!

The Cardboard Cartographer banner

Welcome to The Cardboard Cartographer!

We are officially back after our move from The science of selling yourself short!

For those new here, or those who have not read the corresponding post over at 'The science of selling yourself short', or The Underhive Hero, here is a little context;

  The Cardboard Cartographer was a sub-blog created by Harry aka DarKHaZZl3 to talk about his experiences in the world of table top games.
It included reviews, un-boxings, discussion about game mechanics and rants about the logistics of an obscure hobby. 
Fast forward to  February 2015, and this 'sub' feature had started to take over The science of selling yourself short, in time, effort and readership.
While this is awesome, DarKHaZZl3 felt it was time for The Cardboard Cartographer to have its own identity.

The Cardboard Cartographer is a bi-monthly e-zine focused on the table top gaming hobby in all its guises.

Each issue we'll visit a new subject.
We'll talk about games and who made them, how they are played and pass some form of judgement based on numerous play tests of the game.
Not to mention there will be other cool features thrown into the mix; looking at expansions, a digital spotlight focusing on apps, other electronic gaming aids  and more!

In addition to this newly polished format we'll be hosting live streams, running competitions, hosting gaming events on Board Game Arena and Roll20, as well getting out into the wide world of gaming whenever possible.

If you'd like to keep informed about these goings, then please add us to your reading list, subscribe to our RSS feed and/or sign up to our email updating service.

Alternatively you can hit us up on all of the socials!
You can currently find The Cardboard Cartographer on Twitter @TCBCartographer.

So, expect to see reviews, news and a handful of grumpy opinions heading your way soon.
New issues are posted on the second and fourth weekend of each month starting from the 8th of March

So until then, make sure to pin this to your mental map and let The Cardboard Cartographer guide you through the world of table top games.

Thanks for reading, see you March 8th!